CAP PARTS AG, a medium-sized company with long tradition, is one of the leading manufacturers of housings and covers of electronic components.

The company is based in Scheibenberg (Saxony). On a manufacturing area of more than 5,500 square metres committed employees produce high-quality precision technology for the electronic and automobile supply industry.

The main focus of the CAP PARTS AG is on the production of housings and covers for electronic components. The products are primarily used in the electronics and automotive supply industries. The product range includes radially assembled components with press-fit and screw-type contacts. In the extruded parts division, the company offers aluminum capacitor housings and rivets, aluminum alloys and housings with predetermined breaking points. In addition, the company offers stamped parts, such as covers made of hard paper, press span and composite materials. In addition, the portfolio consists of completed snap-in cover plates for radial capacitors, axially wired cover plates and cans. Nylon-clad aluminum foils, self-adhesive tapes, and anode and cathode foils complete the portfolio.

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